The future is uncertain and the end is always near

Jim Morrison and the Doors

Ragged Rock

Gauge and set your investment risk level based on your capacity for risk, namely your age and proximity to retirement.

Mediterranean Diet

Medical studies show that the Mediterranean diet can keep you healthier.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is an effective preventative strategy against many diseases. How much and what kind of exercise do you need?

Dietary Supplements

We might be tempted to try dietary supplements to combat the aging process. Do you really know what you are getting?


Explore and enjoy retirement


Retirement may be the beginning of the end. But with any luck it will be a long slow slide. Hopefully, you will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself but there will be some issues and problems. Key issues revolve maintaining both your income and your health.

New Horizons

With any luck, retirement will provide time to explore and enjoy many things you never had time for. Interest and curiosity will provide you the motivation to travel, to read, to learn and to expand your horizons.  I have expanded my horizons to cooking, history and more outdoor activities. My goal is to share some of my new experiences.

Hot Topics

We live in a complex world with myriad problems. I don’t expect to solve them, but if I can better understand them, perhaps I can contribute my bucket full to a better future.

photo of dolphins


I never thought of myself as a creative person.  But, through photography I am trying to spur a little creativity.   Professional I am not, but I will share some photographs that might interest others.

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