Not fare well, but fare forward, voyagers.

T. S. Eliot (from the Dry Salvages)

We are lucky to live in a day and age that offers us the opportunity for an interesting and enjoyable retirement.  For most of us retirement will last twenty years or more. That is a lot of life to live. The goal should to make the best of our remaining time–travel, learn, do things and spend time with friends and family.  If you are in reasonable health many things are possible and you should not let the idea of age inhibit you.

Still,  I think retirement needs a unique perspective. So there is a lot to talk about. I did a very brief search  of sites based on the keyword “retirement”.  The result was very disappointing. It seemed that most of them were trying to help you find some kind of assisted living, sell you financial services or some other stuff. They serve their purposes. But here I intend to share my experiences, examine some of the problems unique to retirement.  But the main thing is to do my best to live a rich full retirement.

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Retirement Investing

At this stage as a retiree (most of us anyway) we are net-spending rather than net-savers. So retirement investing becomes more not doing anything stupid that you cannot recover from.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

What does healthy lifestyle mean. Eat right, exercise and be active doing things you enjoy.

Things to think about

Retirement is a stage of life. There are things to think about–whether to sell your house and move, what to do if you become incapacitated, estate planning–to name just a few.