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 “How can I know what I think until I see what I say?”

The quote above is attributed to “Alice in Wonderland” by Arthur Koestler in “Ghost in the Machine”. I could not find the quote there.  Now I think it comes from E. M. Forster in “Aspects of the Novel”. Whatever the source, it illuminates the linkage between thought and language. Trying to understand what I think requires seeing what I actually write down as I ponder. So here are some of my ponderings about some vexing questions.

Divi test

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Is life a path or a road?

We frequently refer to life as a journey. We follow a path or travel a road. While these metaphors have limits, they came to mind after I read a recent article by Robert Samuelson in the June 17, 2015 Washington Post. I learned a new economic-demographic...